May 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Student Handbook 
2023-2024 Student Handbook

Campus Safety

The primary purpose of Campus Safety is to protect the property and lives of the faculty, staff, students and guests of Anderson University. The department is also responsible for enforcement of parking regulations. The Campus Safety officers are employees of Anderson University. They are certified by the State of South Carolina and have the same arrest power of a deputy sheriff. One or more members of the department are on duty 24 hours a day. 

Courtesy transportation will be addressed in the Trojan Transit section of the policy. 

In compliance with the Federal Crime Awareness and Security Act of 1990 or CLERY Act can be viewed on the Campus Safety page of the Anderson Univeristy website, Anderson University prepares an annual report setting forth campus security policies and campus crime statistics. This report, which also contains safety and security tips, is furnished to all students and employees and to any applicant for enrollment or employment upon request.  

Location: Campus Safety Operations Center is located in the Welcome Center.  

Hours: Campus Safety Operations Center has staff posted in the office 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Officers are on duty 24 hours daily, performing patrols and other activities across campus. If assistance is required outside the posted hours of the Operations Center, a Campus Safety Official may be reached by utilizing the 24 hour call box posted outside the Operations Center door. 

Director of Campus Safety: Eddie Aman 

Phone: 864-231-2060 

Lost and Found

Articles that are lost or found should be reported to or brought to the Information Desk located in the Student Center. Items not claimed at the end of each semester are donated to local charities. Students are encouraged to contact Guest Services in regards to lost items. 

Skateboard Policy 

In consideration of local ordinances restricting the use of skateboards on Anderson City streets and sidewalks and for the safety of Anderson University students, employees, and guests, no person will ride or operate a skateboard on Anderson University owned property, including but not limited to buildings, sidewalks, and streets and parking facilities. This includes the main campus and the Athletic Campus.  

Light Motorized Vehicles

Light motorized vehicles of any kind (scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, one wheels, etc.) may not be operated on Anderson University sidewalks or walkways.  All light motorized vehicles must be parked in a bike rack when not in use and walked to public streets or sidewalks that allow use per local laws and ordinances.  Light motorized vehicles are not allowed inside of any campus buildings and may not be stored in residence hall rooms.   


Bicycle Policy 

Students may bring bicycles to campus for transportation and recreation. For the safety of all, please follow these expectations: 

• Students are required to wear helmets when riding their bicycles on campus. 

• Riders should operate bikes according to traffic laws to maintain their safety as well as the safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 

• Bicycles should be parked in designated spaces on campus or may be stored in the students’ room on campus, provided they do not impede exit from the room or inconvenience roommates. Bicycles should be stored in ways that will not damage walls, room furniture or fixtures.  

• Students are encouraged to register their bicycle with Campus Safety and lock their bicycle when it is stored outside, as the University is not responsible for the theft or damage to bicycles.  

Anderson University Vehicle Code (AUVC) 

Anderson University owns and occupies approximately 348 acres. The University’s right to control traffic and parking on its campus is conferred by the South Carolina Vehicle Code (SCVC). All fees listed herein are subject to change at the discretion of administration. Campus Safety has the responsibility and authority to administer the traffic policy of the University and to control traffic accordingly. The operation of a bicycle or motorized vehicle on campus is a privilege granted by the University and is not a right of any employee, student, or visitor. AUVC rules and regulations are designed to aid the flow of traffic, provide the maximum parking possible, and to make the streets safe for vehicles, pedestrians, residents and children playing on campus. 


SECTION 1. Statement of Policy 

All individuals registering a vehicle with Anderson University, or operating a vehicle on University property, agree to: 

A. Obey all University Policies, Rules, and Regulations: 

1. Obtain, read, and abide by the University Vehicle Code. 

2. Pay all fees and fines assessed for violations of this code. 

3. Protect and hold harmless the University and its students, officers, and employees from all claims from injuries to any persons or damage to property by reason of operation of this vehicle or any vehicle on campus. 

4. Maintain licenses, registration, and Liability and Property Damage Insurance for vehicles as required by law. 

5. Permit: Issuance of a Permit is not a guarantee that a parking space will be available.

 6. Campus shall include the property of the University, areas where University events occur, and areas where students assemble or congregate. 

7. All information entered into iParq is accurate and up to date

 B. Permits shall not be issued without proof of: 

1. Valid Driver’s License 

2. Current DMV Vehicle Registration and license plate 

3. Current Vehicle Insurance for each vehicle operating on University property. Additionally, the insurance status of each vehicle may be verified at any time following the decal issuance by Campus Safety Officers. 

C. Any expenses incurred by this Department pertaining to vehicles on campus will be the responsibility of the Permit Holder, registered owner, or violator with charges applied to that account.  

D. Anderson University neither warrants the safety of vehicles nor assumes the responsibility for loss due to theft, vandalism, accident, or damage while the vehicles are on University property. 

E. Parking, policy, or moving violations will be posted on the vehicle and emailed to the violator. 

SECTION 2. Registration, Permits, and Responsibilities 

A. Vehicle Registration: All vehicles must be registered with Anderson University within 24 hours of driving on campus. 

B. Unregistered/abandoned vehicles are subject to being towed away at owner’s expense. 

C. Parking permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another vehicle. Parking permits must be attached in a visible location on the left side of the rear bumper or lower left side of the rear window.  

D. Visitors-Special Permits are available at no cost from Campus Safety or Guest Services.

E. Vehicle storage on campus requires special permission from Campus Safety. 

F. Vehicle/Equipment/Maintenance: Vehicles operated on University property must comply with the State vehicle equipment regulations. 

1. Vehicle repairs or maintenance performed on campus requires special permission from Campus Safety. This permission is issued for a specific period of time and repairs must be completed within the time specified. 

2. Unattended vehicles being repaired or requiring further maintenance which are left in an unsafe condition (up on jacks, etc.) are subject to immediate towing.

3. Inoperative registered vehicles remaining inoperative for a period of 30 days are subject to being towed away at owner’s expense.  


SECTION 3. Parking Regulations and Definitions 

Anderson University parking is available by permit only. Permits are obtained via the AU website under the Campus Safety tab, by accessing the iparq link. You will be required to create an account or login to an existing account.

Yellow Crossed-Out Zones 

• Identify no parking or stopping at any time. 

Red Lined Zones 

• Identify fire lanes/hydrant locations. No parking within 18 feet of hydrant or stopping in front of at any time (Tow Away Zone)

Blue Lined Spaces 

• Identify Blue Park zones (whether marked with a sign or not) and are reserved for those who need accessible parking only. Parking in these spaces requires a DMV issued “handicap I.D.” placard displayed in the windshield of the vehicle while parked. In addition to Anderson University Campus Safety Department, Anderson Police Department has the right to ticket for Blue Park violations. Note: Students who have a temporary injury or illness that may qualify them to park close to their campus destination but does not qualify them for a DMV-issued Blue Park permit may present medical documentation to the Center for Student Success for consideration. If approved, the individual will be allowed to park in most spaces on campus for the duration of their need. Such individuals will NOT be permitted to park in designated Blue Park spaces, Temporary Loading/Unloading spaces, guest spaces, or spaces marked “reserved” for an individual or specific purpose.  

Yellow Lined Spaces Identify Faculty/Staff parking. No resident or commuter student shall park in spaces marked for Faculty/Staff from 11:59pm Sunday until 3:30 pm on Friday.  

White Lined Spaces Identify parking available to Anderson University Students and defined in the following manner: 

Main Campus Returning/Transfer Resident Students living in Village, Rouses, Lawton, Kingsley, Denmark or Pratt may park in any white-lined space on the main campus, except the Student Center lot, Kinsley Road Lot or restricted lots of Stringer and Boulevard.  Parking in Stringer and Boulevard lots requires a uniquely identified permit containing “S” in the prefix for Stringer residents, “B” in the prefix for Boulevard residents. Returning residents of Boulevard and Stringer may only park in their designated lots.

Extended Campus Resident Students living in College Parke or Heritage Townhomes must park in the following lots:  Student Center, Kingsley Road, Rainey, or Thrift Library (no overnight parking)

            Note:  Visitors to Heritage Townhomes and College Parke must park in the overflow parking areas only.  Non-residents who park in the main parking areas will receive a ticket.  

First Time Freshman Resident Students (excluding dual enrollment or credits earned during high school) must park at the Athletic Campus in white-lined spaces only.  Residential freshman may only park on campus from 3:30pm Friday until 11:59pm on Sunday.  

First Time Freshman Commuter Students must park in the Boulevard Residence Hall Lot or the Boulevard Baptist Lot.  

Returning/transfer Commuter Students must park in white lined spaces in the following parking lots Monday-Friday from 7:00am-3:30pm:  Rainey, Thrift, Athletic Campus and Kingsley Road.  Monday- Thursday between 3:30pm-11:59pm, commuter students may park in any white-lined space.  

All Students may park in any yellow or white-lined spaces Friday from 3:30pm to 11:59pm Sunday.  

*There is an overflow lot at Boulevard Baptist Church with signs indicating AU use. 

 Reserved and Temporary Parking 

No student, faculty or staff member shall park in a parking area or space designated for guests of the university or spaces permanently dedicated for exclusive use. Temporary loading and unloading spaces are available in select lots on campus for 15 minute parking. Availability will vary. 

           Student Parking Area Guidelines

           Students may only park one vehicle at a time in any campus parking lot.  Student parking areas are reserved for vehicles only, trailers and other equipment are prohibited.   


Neighborhood and City Street Parking 

In an effort to be a good neighbor and ensure the safety of students and community members, AU students must not park on the street in residential areas surrounding the University, including but not limited to, Ridgecrest (with exception of marked spaces at Thrift Library), Springdale, and Wilson streets. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a fine of $50 for the first offense and $100 for the second offense and student conduct disciplinary action. 

All vehicles, including motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and bicycles must park in appropriate spaces. They must always park within a marked space and never occupy more than one space.  At no time should anyone park on sidewalks, dirt, lawn, or landscaped areas, for any reason. Violators are subject to removal at the owner’s expense. Campus Safety and Facilities vehicles may park in any space available on campus. 


SECTION 4. Regulations

A. All provisions of the South Carolina Vehicle Code are applicable on University property, except as modified by the AUVC. 

B. Posted signs should be obeyed at all times (to include reserved signs)

C. Traffic control signs shall not be evaded by driving either around the sign or off the designated roadway. 

D. The speed limit on campus is “No Faster than it is Safe.” It is never safe to travel faster than 15 MPH on campus. 

E. Pedestrians have the right of way over vehicles when crossing roadways, within marked crosswalks, unmarked crosswalks at road intercessions, and within parking lots. 

F. Sidewalks/pedestrian walkways: motorized vehicles, skateboards, and bicycles are prohibited from operating on sidewalks and pedestrian walkways. 

G. Parking lots must be entered and exited through designated areas. Vehicles shall not be driven across an unbroken white line marking parking lot or pedestrian walkway boundaries. 

H. Backing into slanted or diagonal oriented parking spaces is prohibited. 

I. Barriers, cones, barricades, fences, posts, or any other traffic control devices may be placed at any point necessary for safety, convenience or traffic control. The removal or moving of such barriers, barrier-tape, barricades, fences, cones, or posts is forbidden without the permission of Campus Safety. There will be a fine levied for moving, removing, or otherwise tampering with any traffic control devices, such as cones, barriers, barricades, fences, or posts. 

J. Vehicle anti-theft/burglar alarms must reset automatically within five (5) minutes of activation. Non-resetting vehicle alarms may result in immediate tow away with the owner or driver responsible for the expense of towing. 

1. Campus Areas: Activated alarms that interfere with classes, office business, or facility use events, are subject to immediate tow away. 

2. Residential Areas: During the hours of darkness, a third resetting false alarm during the same night may result in the vehicle being towed away. 

K. Blocking campus access, roadways spaces, or vehicles on University property or at University sponsored or supervised functions: Vehicles parked in front of a closed or open gate or obstructing traffic flow are subject to immediate citation and/or tow-away. 

L. Dumping or littering: No person shall place, deposit, or dump any garbage, debris, materials, or hazardous materials upon the grounds of this campus, except in appropriate or designated receptacles. 

M. Parking lots located at Vandiver, Thrift, and Watkins, are limited to no parking from 12:00 am until 7:00 am. This is indicated by signs at the entrance to each lot.


SECTION 5. Offenses

A. Excessive violations of rules, regulations, or policies of the Anderson University Vehicle Code, South Carolina Vehicle Code, Personnel Handbook, Student Handbook, or the University Catalog is considered an offense and will be adjudicated appropriately through the Student Conduct process. 

B. Any other applicable violation of regulations not specifically listed above is considered an offense and will be adjudicated appropriately. 


SECTION 6. Fines, Fees, and Penalties

A. Fines are assessed proportionate to the severity of the violation in accordance with the current fine schedule of the Annual (Campus Safety) Report, and as posted in the Campus Safety Office.



No Current Anderson University Parking Permit 


Improperly placed parking permits 


Parked in reserved parking space


Traveling wrong way on one-way street


Parking in fire lane or area not marked as a parking space


Improperly parked or obstructing traffic 


Parking in handicapped zone (Anderson City Police Department has the right to ticket)


Reckless driving


Zoned Parking Violation 


Improper overnight parking


Freshman Parking


Removing of traffic cone or barricade




Neighborhood and City Street Parking Violation-first offense 

**Second Offense includes student conduct disciplinary action



B. Receipt of three (3) or more unpaid parking fines will result in your vehicle being immobilized with a vehicle “boot.” The boot will not be removed from your vehicle until all tickets are paid. Receiving (5) paid or unpaid parking fines will result in your vehicle being booted again and you will be referred to the Student Conduct Office for adjudication for excessive violation of Parking Regulations. If you receive two boots during the academic year, your parking privileges will be revoked for that academic year. You will not be allowed to operate a vehicle on the University property during this time. If your vehicle is located on University property, it will be towed. Immobilization devices may also be applied for vehicles without a current decal or with no decal or to habitual offenders with more than three instances of vehicle violations, ticketed or not. Continued violations will be reported to the Student Conduct Office and repeat offenses could lead to dismissal from the University.

C. You have 7 days from the issuance of a ticket to pay or appeal. If you do not pay by the due date, you will be charged a $10 late fee. To view ticket information, appeal, or pay the ticket, please login at the Parking Portal: 

D. Unpaid fines may prevent a student from being accepted for another semester or receiving a transcript of grades or successfully applying for graduation. 


SECTION 7. Appeals 

         A. You have 21 days from the issuance of this ticket to satisfy the fine. If you do not pay by the due date, you will be charged a $10 late fee. To view ticket information, appeal, or pay the ticket, please login at the Parking Portal: 

B. Ignorance of regulations or a lack of nearby parking spaces will not be considered as a defense for violations. 

SECTION 8. Trojan Transit 

A. The Trojan Transit shuttle service is provided to offer transportation around the campus. Shuttle service is also provided to off-site locations of Chiquola, Criminal Justice, and Anderson School of Dance depending on class schedules. 

B. The hours of operation for the Trojan Transit are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 11:30 PM and from 2:00 PM until 11:30 PM on Sundays during the academic year. Courtesy transports from Campus Safety are also available and encouraged outside the hours of Trojan Transit. Courtesy shuttles may be requested by calling 864-231-2060.

C Transit drivers normally pick up and drop off passengers at S.C School of the Arts front entrance, Abney Athletic Center, classroom entrance at the Athletic Campus. Pick up and drop off is also available in the Boulevard Lot, Stringer Lot, and Heritage Lot on specified Transit buses. For pick up at these locations call 231-2060. 

D. Horse play and other inappropriate behavior is prohibited on the Transit at all times and the drivers have the authority to eject passengers for improper conduct and take any appropriate action to insure the safety of everyone on board. 

Inclement Weather 

During periods of severe inclement weather, the University may announce, through the electronic mail system and through the local news media, that some or all of the University’s offices and facilities are closed for part or all of a day. 

Decisions regarding the daytime class schedule will be made no later than 6:30am, and decisions regarding the evening class schedule will be announced no later than 1:00pm. Please note that media outlets only report when classes are canceled; they will not report when classes are to remain on schedule. 

The following is a list of locations for which students, faculty, and staff may obtain information about Anderson University’s class schedule during severe winter weather: 

AU Information Line 

Messages will be placed on this voice mail when we have bad weather or power outages. The number is 864-622-6057. 


Weather announcements will be posted to the Anderson University website homepage.

Television and radio stations: 

WRIX 103.1 FM  

You can also call the radio station at 864-224-9749. 



All Faculty, Staff, and Students Are Reminded That in Case of Severe Thunderstorms and Other Inclement Weather Shelters Are As Follows


Abney Athletic Center  Basement hallway and rooms without windows Do not go on gym floor
Admissions Inner office spaces/basement of Admissions  
All Houses  Interior hallways or closed spaces without windows  
Anderson Central 

Hallway near basement restrooms, basement restrooms, hallway behind Books and Beans and Post Office or IT Department

Athletic Campus  Gang (large) restrooms in buildings A and C  
Boulevard Halls Interior hallways or closed spaces without windows on lowest level possible  
Business Office Gang (large) restrooms in buildings A and C  
Denmark Basement/laundry room  
Admissions Operations Inner office spaces/basement of Admissions  
G. Ross Anderson Student Center

Culinary Center rear corridor away from exterior windows. Rear central hallway  between the dining services administration area and the auditorium.

Heritage Residence Housing First floor restrooms  
Johnston Hall  Basement/restroom areas on main floor  
Kingsley Hall  Hallway on first floor near Room 14  
Lawton Suites 1A, 1B, 1C  

Merritt Administration Building

Bottom hallway at entrance to Admissions, restrooms may be used on main floor. Do not go into Admissions or Merritt Theater
North Rouse  Laundry room and hallway near laundry room  
Pratt Hall  Basement  

South Carolina School of the Arts

Interior hallways/basement and restrooms Do not go in Theaters, stage area, or areas with windows
South Rouse  Basement hallway Do not go in theaters or stage area or areas with windows
Stringer Commons Interior Hallways Bottom of stairwells of each building
Sullivan Hall  The basement, basement stairwell, or the restrooms Do not go into the Chapel area
Thrift Library Hallway near basement restrooms, basement restrooms, hallway behind Books and Beans and Post Office or IT Department Do not go into Books and Beans or Post Office
Village  First floor hallways  
Village Basement  Any rooms without windows, or go into the restrooms  
Watkins Hall  Basement level hallway and basement rooms without windows  
AU Emergency Alert System: RAVE Alerts 

All students are strongly urged to sign up for the AU Emergency Alert System. This text and e-mail system is administered by Campus Safety and operated through our alert vendor, the Rave Mobile Alert Company. This is the primary method of alerting all persons on campus about impending urgent situations. 

To Sign Up for RAVE Alerts: 

Go to the Campus Safety page on the Anderson University website. Next, select “RAVE Notifications” on the left side menu and click “Sign Up Now.” You must have an AU email address to sign up. After signing up you may add other phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses so your family members may also receive alerts. The password you choose for the RAVE sign up will not change unless you choose to do so. 

Emergency notifications and advisories will also be sent by campus email, but the emergency alert system remains the primary alert method for urgent situations. Cautions and advisory information will be sent by campus email only.