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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Public Service and Administration


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Dr. Timothy Turner, Dean of the School of Public Service and Administration
Mrs. Leanne McBride, Administrative Assistant


Dr. Catherine Burton, Associate Professor
Dr. Damon Camp, Coordinator of the Command College
Mr. George M. Ducworth, Assistant Professor
Mr. John (Jack) H. Abraham, Jr., Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Edward Aman, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Marion Fredie Blackwell, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Marjie Britz, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Richard Collins, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Ronald Israel Hollister, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Matt Martin, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Chad McBride, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Matthew McCarty, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Keith Morton, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. James Howard Murphy, Assistant Professor
Dr. Fred Newell, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. David Ross, Adjunct Instructor
Ms. Debbie Turner, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Dave Williams, Adjunct Instructor
Ms. Lisa Williams, Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Clarence Williamson, Adjunct Instructor
Mr. Kevin Woolner, Adjunct Instructor

The School of Public Service and Administration (SPSA) provides coursework towards degree programs for both traditional students at the undergraduate level and for non-traditional students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The programs are designed to prepare students to think critically about issues in the criminal justice system or in emergency services and to assist them in pursuing employment in the field of study.

The Command College of South Carolina at Anderson University is housed in the School of Public Service and Administration. The Master of Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare executive leaders in the field of criminal justice to deal with the complexities and challenges of managing justice system agencies in an organizationally sound and ethical manner. Details on the Command College can be found in the Graduate Bulletin.

The following degree programs are provided by the SPSA:

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (traditional)
with concentrations in Law Enforcement and Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness

Bachelor of Criminal Justice (non-traditional)
with concentrations in Law Enforcement and Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness

Bachelor of Emergency Service Management (non-traditional)
with concentrations in Homeland Security Operations and Administrations and Whole Community

Master of Criminal Justice

Department of Criminal Justice

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Bachelor of Arts Campus Degree

Campus Degrees are designed for recent high school graduates, ages 18-22, who reside on campus or commute to campus on a consistent basis.

Bachelor of Criminal Justice Adult Studies Degree

Department of Emergency Services Management


Bachelor of Emergency Services Management Adult Studies Degree

Adult Studies Degrees are designed for the working adult with a minimum of 5 years of life experience after high school graduation.