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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate General Information


Graduate Studies Mission Statement

The mission of Graduate Studies at Anderson University is to provide academic preparation for adult students who desire to enhance their capacity for service and leadership within a variety of professional settings. All graduate degree programs at Anderson University are designed to ensure that graduate students engage in courses that are progressively more advanced in academic content and intellectual rigor compared to undergraduate programs within the same or similar disciplines. The courses within the graduate curriculum require intensive study of scholarly literature and findings, as well as student participation in research, pertinent practice and training, or both.

Graduate Programs


Master of Arts: Biblical and Theological Studies   
Master of Arts in Teaching: Elementary Education  
Master of Business Administration  
Master of Business Administration (Bachelor’s+MBA)   
Master of Business Adminstration: Healthcare Leadership  
Master of Business Administration: Human Resources 
Master of Business Administration: Marketing  
Master of Business Administration: Supply Chain Management  
Master of Criminal Justice  
Master of Divinity  
Master of Divinity (BA+MDIV)  
Master of Divinity: Youth Ministry  
Master of Education  
Master of Education in Administration and Supervision  
Master of Ministry  
Master of Ministry Management   
Master of Music in Music Education  
Master of Organizational Leadership  
Master of Organizational Leadership (Bachelor’s+MOL)  
Master of Public Service and Administration   
Master of Science in Instructional Design and Learning Technology  
Master of Science in Nursing: Education  
Master of Science in Nursing: Executive Leadership  
Master of Science in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner  
Master of Science in Nursing: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner  


Doctor of Education: Leadership and Learning: Curriculum and Instructional Leadership   
Doctor of Education: Leadership and Learning: School and Community Leadership   
Doctor of Ministry: 21st Century Ministry  
Doctor of Ministry: Biblical Preaching  
Doctor of Nursing Practice: Advanced Practice (MSN-DNP)  
Doctor of Nursing Practice: Executive Leadership  
Doctor of Nursing Practice: Executive Leadership (MSN-DNP)  
Doctor of Nursing Practice: Family Nurse Practitioner  
Doctor of Nursing Practice: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner  
Doctor of Philosophy: Leadership: Business  
Doctor of Philosophy: Leadership: Christian Ministry   
Doctor of Physical Therapy  

Graduate Certificate

Healthcare Management Certificate  
Human Resources Management Certificate  
Online and Mobile Learning Certificate  
Organizational Leadership Certificate  
Supply Chain Management and Logistics Certificate  

Post-Masters Certificate

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certification  

Graduate Program Administrators

Academic Deans

Dr. Mark Butler, Dean, College of Education
Dr. Michael Duduit, Dean, College of Christian Studies
Dr. David Larson, Dean, The South Carolina School of the Arts
Mr. Steve Nail, Dean, College of Business
Dr. Donald Peace, Dean, College of Health Professions
Dr. Clarence (Chuck) Williamson, Dean, School of Public Service and Administration
Dr. Cindy Cross, Interim Dean, School of Nursing

Academic Associate Deans

Dr. Kristopher K. Barnett, Associate Dean, Clamp Divinity School
Dr. Cynthia Baughan, Associate Dean, College of Education
Dr. Evie Maxey, Associate Dean, College of Business
Dr. Jo Carol Mitchel-Rogers, Associate Dean, The South Carolina School of the Arts
Dr. Jeffrey Moore, Associate Dean, College of Business

Graduate Program Leadership

Dr. Kristopher K. Barnett - MA, MDiv, MMin, MMinMgt, DMin
Dr. Giovanni Calise - MBA, MOL
Mr. George Ducworth - MCJ, MPSA
Dr. Jaclyn Gaulden - MSN, DNP
Dr. Josh Herron - MS-IDLT
Dr. Martha Hinman - DPT
Dr. Christopher Hansen - MM MEd
Dr. Kyle Small - PhD
Dr. Julie Smart - EdD
Dr. Jeremy Watts - MAT, MEd

Academic Administrative & Executive Assistants

Ms. Kay Babecki, Administrative Assistant, College of Education
Ms. Katherine Davenport, Administrative Assistant, School of Nursing
Ms. Erin Fisher, Administrative Assistant, School of Public Service and Administration
Ms. Tammy Gilbert, Executive Assistant, College of Health Professions
Ms. Lynn Guthrie, Administrative Assistant, The South Carolina School of the Arts
Ms. Kendyl McElreath, Administrative Assistant, College of Christian Studies
Ms. Margaret Meece, Administrative Assistant, College of Business
Ms. Cheryl Pease, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs, School of Nursing


Library Services

The Thrift Library Building, built in 2007 and remodeled in 2017, is a 53,000 square foot multipurpose building containing the Library, McClellion Café (Books and Beans Coffee shop), IT Department, Vandiver Art Gallery, Chapman Meeting Room, and Chapman Multimedia Center. The library contains seating for 400, a Learning Commons, the Bunton Computer Lab, Pracht Classroom, Music Lab, David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success, Writing Center, Hopkins Special Collections, and ten study rooms. The library is open on average 90.5 hours per week.

The Thrift Library of Anderson University owns or subscribes to over three quarters of a million volumes. The library in house collection contains over 100,000 physical books and media. Its digital collection comprises 200+ databases containing over 40,000 full text periodicals, 125,000 online audio albums, 100,000 online video recordings, and a half million eBooks.