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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition & Fees

At Anderson University, we believe higher education should not be a privilege reserved only for those who can afford it. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is committed to helping Anderson University students find appropriate ways to finance their education.


Tuition and Fees Program Description Cost
All Programs** Technology Fee per semester (6 or more hours) $240
All Programs** Technology Fee per semester (less than 6 hours) $120
All Programs ** Audit (no credit) Graduate credit hour $250
MBA/MOL Tuition per credit hour $540
MCJ/MPSA Tuition per credit hour $480
MAT/MEd/MEd:AS Tuition per credit hour   $410
MAT/MEd/MEd:AS Learning and Innovation Fee (per semester excluding Summer) $115
  Course Fee: EDU 599 - Special Projects  $50
MA(Bib/Theo)/M Div/M Min/M Min Mgt Tuition per credit hour $385
MM MEd Tuition per credit hour $410
  Course Fee: MUA 501 - Applied Lessons (MUA)  (per credit hour) $185
  Course Fee: MUP 520 - Music Ensemble (MUP)   $20
MS IDLT Tuition per credit hour $425
MMS Tuition per credit hour $875
MSN Tuition per credit hour $720
MSN Graduate Nursing Fee per semester $530
MSN Enrollment Confirmation Payment $600
DNP Tuition per credit hour $815
DNP Graduate Nursing Fee per Semester $530
DNP Enrollment Confirmation Payment $600
DPT Tuition per credit hour $735
DPT Program Fee per semester (Fall and Spring only) $500
DPT Enrollment Confirmation Payment $600
DMin Tuition per credit hour - see DMin page in catalog for details $480
DMin Project Course Fee $350
PhD Leadership: Business - Tuition per credit hour $750
PhD Leadership: Christian Ministry - Tuition per credit hour $650
PhD Preaching $650
PhD Enrollment Confirmation Payment $200
EdD Tuition per credit hour $575
EdD Enrollment Confirmation Payment $200
All Application for Admissions $40
  Application for Admissions Waived for AU Graduates - - - - -
All Diploma re-print fee $50
All Graduation application fee $100
All Returned check fee $35
All Transcript (Official) $15
All Transcript (Unofficial) $5
All Credit by Examination Fee (per credit hour) $325
All Independent Study (per credit hour) $500
  ** Does not include DMin nor PhD students