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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Human Services: Behavioral Science - Adult Studies, B.H.S.

Course Requirements (120 Cr. Hrs.)

Bachelor of Human Services

The Bachelor of Human Services/Behavioral Science Concentration program is designed to provide knowledge and skills in human/social services, psychology, and sociology. The degree prepares students to enter a career field related to a variety of service delivery agencies, helping professions, or counseling. In addition, it provides excellent preparation for pursuing a graduate degree in several disciplines, to include human services, social work, psychology, counseling, and others. The curriculum has two options. One is a degree completion option for those with an associate’s degree or higher and is available online or in the classroom. The other option is for those without an associate degree. • All courses are available online and some are offered in the classroom in the traditional seated or a blended format.

Degree Completion Option - General Education And Degree Requirements

Completion of approved associate’s degree (a maximum of 64 semester hours transferred as “block” credit); a minimum of 56 semester hours from a senior college or university; a minimum of 45 semester hours of upper division courses; a minimum of 36 semester hours from Anderson University; a minimum of 36 semester hours of general education courses to include statistics, humanities/fine arts, social/behavioral sciences, communication, natural science, and religion.


Option For Non-Degreed Students - General Education Requirements (36 Cr. Hrs.)


Areas of Inquiry

Humanities/Fine Arts (3 Cr. Hrs.)

Natural Sciences (3 Cr. Hrs.)

Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 Cr. Hrs.)

Additional Requirements in Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Natural Sciences (3 Cr. Hrs.)

Literature (3 Cr. Hrs.)

Major Electives (9 Cr. Hrs.)

Choose from 400-level courses in Business, Criminal Justice, Human Services, Management, Organizational Leadership, Psychology, or Sociology

General Electives (To Complete Requirement For 120 Cr. Hrs.)