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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Worship Leadership, B.M.

Bachelor of Music Degree

Admission to music study as a major is by audition only. Requirements vary from degree to degree and instrument to instrument. See the AU Music Handbook for details. All prospective music majors, including transfers, must successfully complete the following in addition to all other AU entrance requirements: (1) Audition application (including an essay and two recommendations), (2) Performance for and interview with a committee of AU music faculty, (3) Theory placement test (incoming freshmen), (4) Music sight reading test. Auditionees may be admitted unconditionally, admitted with specific conditions, or denied admission.

Incoming freshmen and transfers who are denied admission may re-audition on any regular audition day prior to May 1 of the year in which they intend to begin study at AU. Those who have not passed the audition by May 1 and who still wish to study music at AU must do the following: (1) Enroll in the theory class determined by the theory placement test, (2) Enroll in the most basic level of applied instruction offered for their primary instrument; (3) Enroll in the major ensemble required for their major and instrument if they are qualified, (4) Re-audition on a regularly scheduled audition day during the fall semester of their freshman year or first semester as a transfer student. Students who are not accepted for music study at this point will not be allowed to enroll in classes intended specifically for music majors.

Recommended Course Sequence

The Bachelor of Music degree in Worship Leadership is designed for students who are called to full-time worship and music ministry. This program of study is focused on developing the skills today’s diverse churches need. It includes practical field experiences, significant coursework in Christian studies, and thorough musical training. The curriculum embraces diverse musical styles and worship practices.

No grade below “C” in a course required for the major or minor (including cognates and specified electives) will count toward satisfying that course requirement. This policy does not refer to general education requirements or elective courses.

Applied Music 14 Cr. Hrs.

Remainder of 14 Applied Music hours in one area:

Ensembles 6 Cr. Hrs.


Other courses include the general education requirements of the University. All music majors are required to comply with the policies and procedures itemized in the Music Handbook, including the keyboard proficiency exam.

Degree Requirements

First Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)

Second Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)

Third Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)

Fourth Semester (17 Cr. Hrs.)

Fifth Semester (17 Cr. Hrs.)

Sixth Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)

Seventh Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)

Eighth Semester (14 Cr. Hrs.)