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2021-2022 Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Student Handbook

Campus Ministries

Because Anderson University is a Christian institution affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention, Christian activities are an important part of campus life. There are a variety of these activities and all students, regardless of denominational affiliation, can find means of expressing their Christian faith at Anderson University. Rev. James Hanson, Director of Campus Ministries, is responsible for the Campus Ministries program and may be contacted at  jhanson@andersonuniversity.edu

Scope of Campus Ministries 

CAMPUS MINISTRIES, a part of the Office of Christian Life, is an umbrella term for a variety of Christian activities outside of the classroom at Anderson University. The office provides a network of support, social activities, service events, leadership opportunities and other programs designed to foster Christian outreach and spiritual growth. The main components of Campus Ministries include: 

• Campus Ministry groups, including BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries), FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), and CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). 

• Mission Projects (local, state, national, and international).  

• Ministry activities (Small group discipleship, Bible studies, concerts, leadership and enrichment retreats, Women’s and Men’s ministries, Journey Teams that do ministry in local churches, praise teams that lead worship, children’s and youth ministries. 

• Church engagement (Southern Baptist Convention, South Carolina Baptist Convention, Baptist associations and local church participation).  

On the Journey Together 

The JOURNEY PROGRAM is the AU equivalent of “chapel” at other Christian institutions. Through the Journey Program, we have the opportunity to emphasize our spiritual development as we learn to worship and grow together. Students, faculty and staff are offered a variety of worship services, concerts, conferences, and creative presentations.  

Why do we call it the JOURNEY PROGRAM? 

We feel that students at Anderson University are on a journey of growth in faith and character. Our goal through the Journey Program is for every participant to receive five marks on their journey: 

• Grasp a conviction to the CORE (God’s story of redemption as revealed in The Bible).  

• Grow in the CALL of Christ (Our identity is found in Christ). 

• Confront the CIRCUMSTANCES of life (The past and/or present effects of sin).

• Value a cohesive COMMUNITY (The importance of a local body of believers).

• CARE for the Kingdom of God (May the Kingdom of God come on earth as in Heaven).  

Successful completion of the Journey Program is required for graduation at Anderson University. Students are required to attend a minimum of eight (8) campus worship/Journey events each semester. Please refer to Academic Policies, Co-Curricular Graduation Requirements, for additional information.  

Please remember the following as you enter Campus Worship each Wednesday at 10:10 AM: 

1. No book bags are allowed in Henderson Auditorium. This is for your safety in the event the auditorium must be exited quickly for an emergency, in keeping with Fire Code regulation. 

2. Please do not bring food or drink into Henderson Auditorium. 

3. We seek to eliminate distractions during worship. Devices such as iPads and smartphones may be used if you are using an online Bible app, but otherwise we ask that you put these away during Campus Worship. 

4. Everyone is required to check in on the iAttended app or scan his or her own student ID card following Journey Program events. Students who do not register their attendance in these ways will not receive credit. 

You may find the Journey schedule online at www.auworship.com and on the iAttended app.

Our hope is that you will find Campus Worship a place of community and spiritual growth. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always available to speak with you. You may contact us at jpcredits@andersonuniversity.edu concerning credit questions/issues. For questions about the Campus Worship program, contact Dr. Michael Duduit, Dean of the Chapel, at mduduit@andersonuniversity.edu