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2021-2022 Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Student Handbook

Student Development

The University provides a comprehensive student development program to serve and support Anderson students. Through partnership with the Academic and Christian Life divisions, the Office of Student Development and its various areas seek to provide a transformational co-curricular experience for students with the goal of educating, encouraging and serving students as they develop their God-given potential and purpose at Anderson University. The various areas of Student Development work together toward this end, including the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Center for Career Development, the David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success, the Thrive Wellness Center, including both Health and Counseling Services, Residence Life and Housing, Student Activities, Campus Recreation and Fitness, and the New Student Experience. 

Anderson University’s administration, faculty and staff are committed to assisting students as they strive to develop intellectually, physically, socially, morally, and spiritually. Anderson students, whether residing on campus or commuting, should expect to find a supportive campus environment with a wide variety of opportunities for learning, growing, and enjoying life. All students are encouraged to take an active part in the life of the university community, to join campus social and academic organizations, to participate in recreational sports, and to enjoy the various musical, theatrical, and cultural events hosted at Anderson University. The following pages highlight some of those opportunities for participation. 

Letter from the Senior Vice President for Student Development

Dear Student, 

Welcome to the Anderson University community! You are about to begin an amazing educational journey that will change your life. 

Members of the Student Development team are here to serve and support you in your academic endeavors at Anderson. Through Residence Life, Student Activities, Student Government, New Student Experience, Campus Recreation and Fitness, and the Thrive Wellness Center, Counseling Services, Center for Career Development (CCD), and the David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success, we work with you to help make your Anderson experience all that it can be. We are also here to encourage and assist you as you discover and become the person God has created and called you to be. 

The information that follows in this Student Handbook will help you succeed in your educational journey at Anderson. In it you will find information about offices and services specifically designed to assist you in a whole host of ways and support your success at Anderson. You will also find policies that have been developed to support and strengthen our life together as a Christian educational community.This Student Handbook does not constitute a contract between a student and Anderson University either expressed or implied, and Anderson University reserves the right at any time to change, delete, or add to any of the content at its sole discretion. 

Whenever we can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Student Development team. The information in this Student Handbook will help you succeed in your educational journey at Anderson. In it you will find information about offices and services specifically designed to assist you in a whole host of ways and support your success at Anderson.

We are praying for you and hope you will have a wonderful and blessed year at Anderson University! 


Jim Fereira, Ph.D. 

Senior Vice President for Student Development

Student Development Division 


The AU Student Development Division creates opportunities for transformational experiences through intentional, Christ-centered programs and services focused on holistic growth, which challenge students to develop their God-given potential and purpose.  


Firmly grounded in our Christian faith, our vision is to provide relevant programs and services to meet the evolving educational needs of future generations of Anderson University students. 


The Student Development Division consists of student-focused departments that work together to accomplish its mission and advance its vision. In addition, the Division partners with all areas of the University toward the accomplishment of the University’s mission and vision. 


The departments that comprise the Student Development Division are: 

• AU PRO Signature Series  

• Center for Career Development 

• Student Employment 

• Curriculum Enhancement Program 

• David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success

• Diversity & Inclusion

• Residence Life 

• Student Activities 

• Student Involvement and New Student Experience 

• Student Government Association 

• Thrive Wellness 

• Counseling Center 

• Health Services 

• Sports Medicine 


As a Division we value: 

• Christ as our foundation and Scripture as our guide  

• Primary focus on the student and their holistic growth 

• An embrace of diversity and inclusion 

• Being driven by our mission 

• Work that is evidence-based, grounded in professional theory, and informed by best practices 

• Approaching our work as a team  


The outcomes we desire for our students include: 

• Personal maturity 

• Development of Christian life and character 

• Academic success 

• Appreciation of all people and cultures 

• A global perspective 

• Discovery of purpose and calling 

• Appreciation of the arts 

• Maturing interpersonal relationships 

• Civic engagement 

• Mindful of physical health and well-being 

Campus Recreation and Fitness 

Campus Recreation and Fitness offers students an opportunity to participate in a variety of personal fitness and competitive athletic activities throughout the school year. Campus Recreation and Fitness promotes character, physical fitness, and team building. All AU students may participate in intramural events. Campus Recreation and Fitness offers at least four intramural sports per semester, including volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, powder-puff football, soccer, flag football, dodgeball, softball, tennis, and basketball. You may go to www.imleagues.com at any time to create a profile and view the current intramural schedule. Campus Recreation and Fitness also oversees the Fitness Center, the Athletic Campus Gym and the University Pool. Hours for these facilities are posted each semester. The Campus Recreation and Fitness Office is located on the third floor of the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center in the Student Life Suite. 

CONTACT EMAIL: jgropp@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-622-6011

Center for Career Development (CCD) 

The Center for Career Development connects students with opportunities to explore career paths and develop marketable career readiness competencies that allow them to optimize their knowledge and skills toward the development of their God-given potential. CCD hosts many events  throughout the year that provide practical solutions to help students explore their career, purpose, and calling. Many of these events are available for Curriculum Enhancement Program (CEP) credits. CCD accomplishes this through institutional collaboration to educate and encourage students in career professional development through engagement in self-assessment, workshops, presentations, career fairs, and networking events. The Center for Career Development is located at 484 Boulevard and is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-4:30 pm. 

• Student Employment provides students with the opportunity to explore careers, develop authentic working relationships, receive constructive feedback, and to acquire transferable skills necessary for success in the workplace. Students may visit andersonuniversityjoinhandshake.com/login to view program information and available jobs or visit CCD for assistance in searching for employment opportunities. 

CONTACT EMAIL: studentemployment@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-5675 

• AU PRO: Professional Readiness Opportunities Beyond the Classroom is a distinctive program designed by Anderson University to improve student preparation for the working world through a set of co-curricular opportunities. AU PRO will focus on the elements of professionalism manifested through written and oral communication skills, as well as developing an overall professional image. The AU PRO Signature Series (6 total sessions) will be required for all students starting in August 2019 and beyond. All students are encouraged  to attend AU PRO Discipline-Specific Events coordinated by academic liaisons within each college and school. These events are designed to provide students with opportunities to network with and learn from alumni and industry leaders in ways unique to their discipline. 

CONTACT EMAIL: careerdevelopment@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-2149 

Counseling Services 

The mission of the Anderson University Counseling Center is to provide a confidential, caring, and supportive environment in which students can grow academically, personally, and spiritually. Our counselors challenge students to reach their full potential by helping them become self aware, build healthy coping skills, and make changes that lead to a more satisfying lifestyle and greater success at Anderson University. Individual and group counseling is a free service offered to all full-time traditional students. Consultation services are also offered to adult studies, graduate and part-time students ($25 fee). Personal counseling is a unique and collaborative relationship between a trained helper and a person seeking help, created to assist people with learning to relate to themselves and others in healthier ways. Students coming to the Counseling Center are usually seeking more effective and rewarding lives by confronting personal problems, relationship issues, faith questions, lifestyle choices, mental health disorders, or any concern that is hindering them from being a healthy, happy and productive individual. All information shared with the counselors on staff is held completely confidential. Maintaining confidentiality is of the utmost importance in order to create a safe environment for students to share freely. The Counseling Center is located in the lower level of the Village Residence Hall within the THRIVE Wellness Center. 

CONTACT EMAIL: counselingcenter@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-662-6078 

Curriculum Enhancement Program  

The purpose of the Curriculum Enhancement Program (CEP) is to enrich the student’s academic experience by providing co-curricular opportunities that reinforce the educational and personal development of students within the framework of the 18 Common Learning Outcomes (CLOs) as outlined in the AU Gold Co-Curriculum. Students will participate in required CEPs designed to assist with the transition into the AU community, promote professional readiness, and foster financial literacy. In addition to the required CEPs, students will attend at least 11 CEPs from the Student Selected offerings on campus. 

Successful completion of the Curriculum Enhancement Program is required in order to graduate  from Anderson University. All traditional, full-time, degree seeking students must participate in a minimum of twenty-four (24) approved CEPs to be eligible for graduation. Students who do not complete this requirement will not be eligible for graduation until the requirements have been completed. 

For more information on CEPs, refer to the Academic Policies Section of this handbook. 

CONTACT EMAIL: tlandrith@andersonuniversity.edu  

PHONE: 864-231-2075  

David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success 

The David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success makes academic support services available primarily to undergraduate students. Students may receive one-on-one assistance with academic issues such as time management, mild test anxiety, and study skills. Student success seminars are offered periodically for any student desiring to improve his or her academic skills. We also offer helpful information on the Academic Success portion of our AU web page. Contractually admitted students participate in 4ward, a program of support designed specifically for them. 

• Accessibility Services provides services and support for students in all programs and levels with qualified disabilities in accordance with federal and state laws. Students who are interested in requesting these services should provide recent and relevant documentation of their disability to an appropriate professional and make an appointment with CSS staff to discuss their needs and interactively develop a plan that will provide the student with access to the educational program of the institution. Additional information is available on the University’s web page, or by calling the Center.

• The Tutoring Lab is staffed by peer tutors and is available to all undergraduate students on the main AU campus. Our tutors assist students in Core Curriculum and many beginning major courses. The Tutoring Lab is located on the top floor of Thrift Library, and tutoring is also available online. 

• The Writing and Multimedia Center assists students at all skill levels with any college writing tasks, with an emphasis on building skills and confidence in academic writing. These peer tutors are employed by the English Department and share the Tutoring Lab on the top floor of Thrift Library. Contact Dr. Drew Stowe at sstowe@andersonuniversity.edu for additional information. 

The David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success is located on the top floor of Thrift Library, suite 202 

CONTACT EMAIL: studentsuccess@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-328-1420 

Office of Diversity and Inclusion  

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion leads the University’s efforts to create an environment in which every individual is an accepted, respected and valued member of the campus community. This is done through programming, advising and mentoring which broadens knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the diverse population at Anderson University. The office is located on the second floor of G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center. 

CONTACT EMAIL: audiversity@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-2165 

New Student Experience Program 

The purpose of the New Student Experience program is to help students make a successful transition into the University community. New students are placed into small groups led by upper-class students that provide support, encouragement, and guidance throughout a student’s transition to college. In addition, the New Student Experience staff provides programs and events designed to answer student questions and to help them develop connections across campus. Programming is also provided to assist parents as they support their students during this transition. The New Student Experience encompasses Base Camp Orientation, Welcome Week, three required CEPs for new students, the required freshman course AU101, and includes other social programming options. 

CONTACT EMAIL: studentinvolvement@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-622-6029 

Residence Life 

The primary goals of the Residence Life office are to provide comfortable and safe living facilities and to assist students with personal, academic, and spiritual growth and development. Residence Life seeks to create purposeful living communities where students will experience life-changing relationships and transformational learning that will enhance their college experience and help them to meet their educational goals. Residence Halls are staffed by full-time Residence Directors (RD) and/or graduate Community Advisors (CA). These professionals live in the buildings and serve as mentors and guides to students while managing all aspects of the living area. Additionally, each floor is assigned a Resident Advisor (RA) who is an upperclassman student leader. Together, the RDs, CAs and RAs work to develop a strong community in each living area by getting to know resident students personally and facilitating events that allow residents to develop friendships. The Residence Life Office is located on the third floor of the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center in the Student Life Suite.  

CONTACT EMAIL: residencelife@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-622-6011 

Student Activities 

The Office of Student Activities creates opportunities for Anderson University students to get involved with campus life, connect with others, and grow as individuals. Student Activities accomplishes this mission through planning a variety of student centered events that take place on and off campus. A group of student leaders called the Campus Activities Team plans and  implements all student events. The Student Activities Office sends out a weekly schedule of all campus programs called the AU 411 to help students plan their involvement. Student Activities is located on the third floor of the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center in the Student Life Suite. 

CONTACT EMAIL: studentactivities@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-2107 

The THRIVE Wellness Center 

Health Services @ Thrive Wellness 


The Mission of Thrive Health Services is to make every effort to have a positive impact on the  health care experience, while creating a culture in which students learn to make responsible, informed decisions regarding their personal health, wellness, and well-being. 


To provide quality health care in a Christ centered environment, to strengthen student learning, retention, and success. 


Our core values reflect those of Anderson University. We seek to implement these values in ways that enhance the health and well-being of the Anderson University community. 


Holistic growth 



Value others

Embrace excellence


Medical care for acute illnesses and minor injuries are provided by board certified and licensed medical providers. 


All full time traditional students (Health fee), including commuters/part-time (RN visit $15, NP/MD visit $25). LOCATION: Health Services is located on the ground floor of the Village Residence Hall. 


Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm 

Patients are seen by APPOINTMENT 

Call 864.622.6078 to schedule an appointment 

Access the Patient Portal via the website. 


November 22-26, 2021 - Thanksgiving 

December 22, 2021-January 1, 2022 - Christmas Holiday & New Year’s

April 15, 2022 - Good Friday 

May 30, 2022 - Memorial Day 

*Health Services may also close for mandatory meetings or services at Anderson University* 


After hours nurse line: 864.622.6078. You will be able to speak with a nurse who will triage and advise a pan of action. This service is available after hours, weekends, and during the holidays. 

Life Threatening Emergency: Call 911, then Campus Safety @ 864.231.2060

Additional Student Services and Offices 

Anderson Central 

Many student services are offered in one central location in Anderson Central. Services offered include transcript requests, name/address changes, check cashing, tuition payments, verification of enrollment for insurance, financial aid inquiries and more. Anderson Central is located in the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM - 5:00  PM, and Fridays 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. 

CONTACT EMAIL: andersoncentral@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-2845

AU Outfitters - The Campus Store 


Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM 

AU Outfitters offers items for purchase such as supplies, computer accessories and media, art  supplies, University apparel and gift items, snacks and drinks, greeting cards, and gift bags. There will be extended hours at AU Outfitters for certain campus events, such as Homecoming/Family Day and graduation. You may also visit us online at http://www.andersonushop.com

CONTACT EMAIL: bookstore@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-2010 

Campus Food Services 

Campus Food Services are provided by AVI in four campus locations: the AU Culinary Center, Chick-Fil-A, and Chronicles Cafe, all in the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center, and Books and Beans (basement of Thrift Library). Resident students have several meal plan options, and commuters also have two meal plan options available to meet their needs and preferences.  

CONTACT EMAIL: duram@avifoodsystems.com

PHONE: 864-231-2031 

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships 

The primary purpose of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is to provide financial aid information and resources to those students who, without such assistance, would be unable to attend Anderson University. Additional information, including possible required documents and forms, may be found in the Financial Aid section of the Anderson University website. Please refer to your assigned AU student email & student Self-Service account for detailed information regarding your financial aid awards and required documents. Students are encouraged to  contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships with any questions or concerns about their financial aid awards. Their office is located on the first floor of Merritt Hall.

CONTACT EMAIL: finaid@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-2070 

Center for Global Engagement 

The Center for Global Engagement is an international student’s “home away from home” and is dedicated to helping assist international students with their transition to the US and to the Anderson University campus. The Center also supports international students by sponsoring activities and events geared towards the international community. Students can stop in the office to speak with an international student advisor or can make an appointment by emailing  international@andersonuniversity.edu, calling 864-231-2141 or visiting the center which is located at 302 Williamston Road.  


The Center for Global Engagement offers a wide variety of study, work, intern, and service-learning abroad programs. Anderson University offers academic credit for international programs in a diverse range of countries including England, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Argentina, China, Germany, France, Canada, Croatia, Uganda, and the Netherlands. These programs vary in length from a full semester, summer session, to a short term experience. Anderson University also has faculty-led, short-term courses which are specially designed so that juniors and seniors can enroll in a course that has international travel during the spring or winter break. Students can also take part in mission trips as well as short term academic international programs designed for specific majors, which vary each semester.  

Students interested in studying abroad should meet with a study abroad counselor to select an appropriate program. Anderson University students who are interested in studying abroad must obtain approval from the Center of Global Engagement. This includes a review of academic credits to determine prior institutional approval before travel.  

Students must also meet with Anderson Central to determine financial aid eligibility for full semester study abroad programs. Students who wish to study, work or internship abroad are required to obtain permission from the Center for Global Engagement, in order to review all the required policies, including the proper approval required for travel abroad. The office is located at 302 Williamston Road. 


Anderson University has a vibrant and growing international student community. The Center for Global Engagement assists international students with I-20 issuance, orientation information, visa application, immigration counseling, as well as adjustment to campus and American culture. The Center also offers international students regarding all forms of international student support, including: F-1 advising, including visa renewals, immigration status regulations, program extensions, on-campus employment, optional practical training (OPT), curricular practical training (CPT), health insurance, English language concerns, maintaining legal status, and other immigration regulations and concerns. International students should meet with Anderson University’s Designated School Official (DSO) upon arrival to campus.  


International students whose English language skills need enhancement in order to improve success in their academic program at Anderson University may enroll in English language courses. These courses do not count toward meeting graduation requirements but will count as part of the academic load for determining full time status for immigration purposes. Students who need additional English language support should visit the Center for Global Engagement for placement and assistance.  

CONTACT EMAIL: international@andersonuniversity.edu 

LOCATION: International House, 302 Williamston Drive 

PHONE: 864- 231-2141

Post Office 

The campus post office is located on the bottom floor of Thrift Library, near Books and Beans. The post office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The campus post office is not equipped to handle the mailing of large packages over 40 lbs. Large packages may be sent  from the local Post Office, which is located about one mile from campus. We receive packages from  UPS, USPS, or Fed-Ex, and can ship with the same companies with a preprinted label. All resident students are furnished with a mailbox and key. A student’s University address will be provided prior to arrival on campus. The cost for replacing a lost key is $5.00 during the year. Failure to return the key to the post office when moving off-campus, at the end of the school term, or at time of withdrawal will result in a non refundable fine of $40.00.  

It is very important that any mail or packages sent to you at Anderson University are correctly addressed. It is imperative that you do NOT use PO Box; the mailboxes here are strictly for  Anderson University use. Mail that is incorrectly addressed is at risk of being lost or misdirected. Below is a template showing the correct address placement: 

 Student Name 

 Anderson University 

 316 Boulevard, Box Number 

 Anderson, SC 29621-4002 

CONTACT EMAIL: staylor@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-2113 

Technology Support and Services 

The members of the Information Technology department provide technology assistance through our helpdesk system at https://helpdesk.andersonuniversity.edu, email to help@andersonuniversity.edu, calling 864-231-2457, and office walk-ins for our University community. All students have access to resources with technology in academic areas, wireless connections on campus, and applications including email, course materials, and online ports to relevant campus data. All students, faculty, and staff are required to abide by Anderson University’s Internet Use and Email policy. 

All students have access to an Anderson University email account. Students may access their email account using a web browser by going to https://portal.office.com. Email is the primary means the University faculty and staff use to contact you about university-related matters. It is vital that you check it often. 

The preferred wireless network for you to establish a connection is Trojans@AU. Trojans@AU is a secure wireless network that has resources dedicated for your unique needs. Please use your Anderson University username and password to connect to Trojans@AU. If you brought a device that is unable to connect to Trojans@AU for use in your residence on campus, please connect the device to the Reside@AU wireless network. The following network security key welcome2AU! is needed to connect your device to the Reside@AU wireless network. Complete the process by visiting the registration website and please follow the instructions on the page. Once the registration is successful, the device will have access to the Internet. Guests and family members are welcome to connect to Connect@AU. The following network security key welcome2AU! is needed for them to connect wirelessly. After connecting, open a web browser application and go to www.andersonuniversity.edu. The guest should be redirected to a registration site. Please select the appropriate option by clicking Start or the hyperlink below the option. After the appropriate option is selected and registration has been completed, the network configuration will be reset to enable access to the Internet. 

CONTACT EMAIL: servicedesk@andersonuniversity.edu 

HELP DESK PHONE: 864-231-2457 

Thrift Library 

Opened in 2007 and renovated in 2017, the Thrift Library Building contains an art gallery, computer lab, post office, Books and Beans cafe, special collections, music technology lab, 110-seat multimedia center, ten seat conference room, three classrooms, and nine group study rooms. It also houses the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning, and the David Larson McPhillips Center For Student Success. Besides its collection of approximately 100,000 traditional volumes, electronic resources include more than 250,000 eBooks, over 200 databases, and more than 40,000 full text periodicals. The Library supports the University’s educational mission through its resources and services and by encouraging its users to be self-directed, lifelong learners.  

CONTACT EMAIL: library@andersonuniversity.edu 

PHONE: 864-231-2050




Individual Instructor


Trish Day 

Provost’s Office 




Trish Day 

Provost’s Office 




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Center for Student Success 




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Vehicle registration

Tracy Brown 

Director-Anderson Central  




Brianne Satterfield

Registrar’s Office 




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Trojan transit

Eddie Aman 

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Center for Career Development 




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Student Development Office  




Julie Bates 

Business Office 




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Jordan Anderson 

International House 

302 Williamston Drive 




Counseling Services Office 




Academic Advisor


Tracy Brown 

Anderson Central Office 




Jon Gropp

Campus Recreation and Fitness 




See website


Jon Gropp

Campus Recreation and Fitness 




IT Help Desk  



Journey Program

Campus Ministries Office 




Thrift library  



Fill out a Physical Plant Workorder on the AU website 


Tori Waters 

Center for Career Development 




Scott Taylor 

Post Office 





Room Keys 

Roommate Assignments 

Meal Plan 

Visitor Registration

Residence Life Office 




Brenna Morris 




Brianne Satterfield 

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Deb Taylor 




Brianne Satterfield 

Registrar’s Office 




Academic Advisor


Dr. Dianne King 

David Larson McPhillips Center for Student Success 




University Operator 



(during academic term)

Dr. Dianne King 

David Larson McPhillips Center For Student Success 




Dr. Drew Stowe 

Writing Center Director