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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Business Administration: Healthcare Leadership, MBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a comprehensive program designed to help business professionals advance their career by developing state of the art business strategies needed to lead organizations at all levels. The program has a key focus on obtaining business knowledge, analyzing business situations through data metrics, and executing informed strategies to drive an organization forward.  

The Healthcare Leadership concentration will help students gain expertise in one of the fastest-growing job markets. Completion of this concentration will prepare students for leadership positions across a wide spectrum of the industry including hospital or health systems, health insurance, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, management or healthcare consulting. 

The Anderson University MBA is unique as it is an advanced management program which emphasizes an integration of the business disciplines within a Christian framework. It is designed for students with an undergraduate degree either in business or in a non-related field. Leveling courses (prerequisites) are offered for the non-business undergraduate. Forty-five hours are required for graduation.

The MBA is offered in two delivery systems: one being classroom based, and the other being online in nature. In each delivery the course content is the same and the design of the program is specifically geared for the working professional. 

Anderson University is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs to offer the Master of Business Administration (MBA).


Time to Graduate

Students can complete an accelerated MBA program in as little as 20 months, or opt to take a general paced program to be completed in 24 months. 


Program Mission Statement: 

The Anderson University Graduate Business Programs produces professionally-prepared graduates through courses that integrate the Christian faith with business concepts. The College of Business fulfills the University’s mission by challenging the students in an atmosphere of sound professional ethics which affirm biblical teachings in a secular business world.  The degree is designed to allow graduates to satisfy goals such as professional development, career advancement, personal growth, or job mobility. 


MBA Advisory Board

The Anderson University MBA program is advised by a board of business executives to ensure the rigor of the program in presenting cutting edge business strategies to our students. The MBA Advisory Board evaluates all courses in the program on a regular rotation to ensure course content is in line with current practices utilized by business executives, and presented in a manner to advance the student’s skillset. For a list of the current MBA Advisor Board members, please see the MBA/MOL Handbook.

International Business Research Center (IBRC)

Anderson University’s partnership with the IBRC provides an advanced, international standard for business research. IBRC research initiative includes three main themes:

  1. Ethics and behavior nucleus
  2. Efficiency nucleus
  3. Leadership nucleus


MBA Assistant Research Scholarship

The MBA program has an assistant research position open to an active and enrolled MBA student. The role of the research assistant is to help in assisting in research, participating in student research leading to publications as well as working within the International Business Research Center and International Business Leadership Seminars.


Student Requirements

For the MBA / MOL Academic Integrity, Good Academic Standing, and Attendance policies, please see the Student Handbook: https://andersonuniversity.edu/cobgraduatehandbook.



  • Submit a “College of Business Graduate Studies Admission Application” with the non-  refundable application fee (https://link.andersonuniversity.edu/apply/).
  • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Appropriate cumulative college GPA (2.75) or GMAT score exceeding 510.
  • Have previous relevant work experience. If a student is lacking this experience the student may satisfy this requirement by completing an internship or working while in the MBA program.
  • International Students: If English in not the student’s first language, minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper), 220 (computer) or 75 (internet) will be required, and proof of current Visa for International students. International candidates will need to have an interview via Zoom with the director of the MBA/MOL program before being accepted. Anderson University does provide the appropriate US student visas to those coming to study on campus.  International students receiving their undergraduate degrees from institutions abroad must submit their transcripts to be evaluated by WES, who will then transmit the results to Anderson University.

The application form and other requisite information as noted should be submitted to the Graduate Admission Office as soon as possible due to the competitive nature of the program. All applications are initially screened by the Associate Dean of Business and students will be informed in writing of their admission status.


International Students

International students who are accepted into the Anderson University MBA program and receive a US I-20 student visa are required to comply to US Homeland Security law. In particular, these students must enroll in at least one seated format course each session, and maintain a minimum of 6 credits per semester. Second, students are not allowed to work off campus but are allowed to work on-campus up to a maximum of 20 hours per week. International students are allowed to pursue an internship program that allows them to work off campus as part of their studies. International students who are accepted must purchase health insurance. For more information please visit: https://andersonuniversity.edu/admission/international


Transfer Students

Students may transfer up to 6 hours of graduate credits from other regionally or nationally accredited institutions. These courses must have been taken within the last six years. Each transferred course must carry a grade of B or better. A “Request for Transfer Graduate Course Credit” form should be completed prior to the student’s enrollment in the MBA Program.


Foundation Courses

An MBA is a rigorous program designed to enhance the business skills of future leaders at a high level. To ensure the success of the student, it is essential that incoming students have a core foundation in order to properly adapt to the course material. Some students come into the MBA with an undergraduate degree in business, others have extensive business knowledge from work experience. The foundation courses are as followed:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Quantitative Methods (algebra and statistics)

The prospective MBA student may elect to meet the foundational courses in one of three ways. No graduate academic credit will be granted for such courses passed.

  1. Complete the appropriate leveling courses offered by Anderson University. The classes are offered on a Pass/Fail grading scale.
  2. Complete the appropriate undergraduate courses at Anderson University or other accredited institutions with a “C” or higher.
  3. Pass the CLEP test(s) or other test provided by Anderson University for the appropriate courses(s).


Non-degree Seeking Students

Applicants who desire to take a limited number of courses, but are not seeking a degree from Anderson University may be admitted with temporary status and as such are limited to three courses or nine hours. Separate admission procedures for Non-Degree status are as follows:

  • Application form indicating non-degree status: https://link.andersonuniversity.edu/apply/; Including the application fee. 
  • Official transcripts will be required from school where undergraduate degree was conferred and, when appropriate, transcripts from all other colleges attended. If a non-degree seeking student wishes to apply who has not attended an undergraduate school but has adequate work experience, then their high school transcripts will be required. 
  • If English is not the student’s first language, minimum TOEFL score of 560 (paper), 220 (computer) or 75 (internet) is required if English is not the student’s first language, and proof of current Visa for International students. International MBA candidates will need to have an interview via Zoom with the director of the MBA program before being accepted.



For admission to graduate, the student must satisfy the following:

  1. Complete all 45 hours of graduate work.
  2. Have a GPA of 3.00 or higher on all graduate courses; with no Incomplete, D, or F grades in program required courses.
  3. File a “Graduation Application” form following guidelines from the Registrar’s Office.
  4. The capstone course, BUS 590 - Strategic Management must be completed at Anderson University.