Jul 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


General Graduate Admissions and Policies

Anderson University accepts students on the basis of academic qualification, character and evidence of the potential to benefit from the university experience. Each applicant’s record will be examined for evidence reflecting potential for intellectual and social growth, strength of character, and seriousness of purpose. The University considers all qualified applications without regard to race, religious creed, place of national origin, sex, disability, or ethnic group. Admission will be on a competitive basis, with the best-qualified students receiving priority.

The application form and other requisite information (please see specific admissions requirement for each degree program in the sections that follow) should be submitted to Graduate and Evening Admission Office. Due to the competitive nature of our programs, materials should be submitted as soon as possible. Incomplete applications may not be processed or may be granted provisional admission. Regardless of the type of admission sought, all applications are forwarded for review to administration offices of each degree program. Within two weeks, all students will receive notification in writing acknowledging receipt of application materials. Students admitted provisionally will be informed of the conditions to be met and the deadlines for meeting them.

International Students

All international students applying for enrollment into any graduate course must:

  1. Have their transcripts reviewed at the cost of the student
  2. Complete an initial Skype session with the Dean or Director of the program
  3. Upon enrollment, at some point during each class, participate in another Skype session demonstrating their competency in the course

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Anderson University offers courses on a non-degree seeking basis. If you are interested, please see the individual College/School section for specific information.