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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Engineering, B.S.

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Recommended Course Sequence

The mission of the Pre-Engineering major at Anderson University is to provide students a foundational understanding of Engineering principles in order to prepare them for transfer to Clemson University, where they will complete their Engineering degree.

This major is a “3 +” (Dual-Degree) program in association with Clemson. Students will complete the requirements for three academic years at Anderson University, including the General Education courses, and will then transfer to Clemson for the remaining courses to satisfy the requirements for the Engineering major. Clemson recommends that the prospective student attend summer school at Clemson following the Junior year at AU. Upon completion of this program, the student will receive an engineering degree from Clemson and a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Engineering degree from AU.

Students participating in this program must complete a form entitled, “Intention to Pursue the Dual-Degree Program at Clemson University” and send it to the Associate Dean of Engineering in the College of Engineering at Clemson University. Formal application for admission to Clemson University should be made during the Fall semester of the third year at AU. Students completing the program should apply for graduation at both institutions for the term they expect to complete all requirements at Clemson University.

The sequence below is suggested based on the general requirements of the Engineering degrees at Clemson. Students should consult the specific requirements of their chosen Engineering major at Clemson in order to determine the best course of study at Anderson University.

No grade below “C” in a course required for the major or minor (including cognates and specified electives) will count toward satisfying that course requirement. This policy does not refer to general education requirements or elective courses.

Course Requirements:

MAT 140  fulfills the Gener al Education requirement for MAT.


In addition, students must complete a Social Science Elective and a Social Science or Humanities Elective which meets Clemson’s General Education requirements.

Any courses (either AP or taken at another institution) transferred to AU must be transferred to Clemson as well.

Fourth Semester (17 Cr. Hrs.)

Fifth Semester (17 Cr. Hrs.)

Sixth Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)


Clemson’s Science and Technology Requirement is met through BIO 160 .

Directed Electives include:

These are courses designed to prepare the students for particular Engineering majors at Clemson, but they are not required for all Engineering majors. Courses should be selected in consultation with the Clemson Engineering catalog.

Additional Requirements

Students are expected to enter the Pre-Engineering curriculum ready for MAT 140  (Calculus). Students who cannot enter AU with placement into MAT 140  may not be able to fulfill the AU coursework within 3 years. Students are placed into an appropriate Math course based on SAT score.

  1. A score of 580 or above will result in a placement into MAT 140  .
  2. A score of 500 - 579 will result in placement into MAT 130 .
  3. If a student’ s score is 450 - 499, the sequence of courses to prepare for MAT 140  is MAT 101  and MAT 107 .
  4. If a student’ s score is below 450, the sequence of courses to prepare for MAT 140  is MAT 100 , MAT 101 , and MAT 107 .

Any student may appeal his/her math placement by contacting the Chair of the Department of Mathematics.

Cross-Cultural Awareness Requirements:

Clemson’s Cross-Cultural Awareness Requirement can be met through the following courses


Total Number of Semester Hours Required for the degree is determined by the Engineering degree offered through Clemson.

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