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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business

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Mr. Steven Nail
Dean of the College of Business
231-2003 or

Dr. John Duncan
Associate Dean of the College of Business
231-2173 or

Ms. Stephanie McLees
Administrative Assistant for the College of Business
231-2084 or

College Vision Statement

The College of Business envisions developing extraordinary professional business leaders with a Christian worldview who display exemplary integrity and have a passion to apply the experiences and knowledge mastered during their educational experience.

College Mission Statement

The College of Business produces professionally-prepared graduates, grounded in the liberal arts, ready to serve God, family, employer, and community. The College fulfills the University’s mission by challenging business students in an atmosphere which affirms the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by an enhanced curriculum in the business disciplines. The curriculum provides students with the knowledge and applications needed to make decisions and solve problems in a rapidly changing world. Faculty emphases are in the areas of instruction, advising, role modeling, scholarship, and integrating faith and learning, all of which leads to teaching excellence. This is enhanced by a philosophy of “Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders.”


Mrs. Janice Bosman, Lecturer in Computer Information Systems
Dr. John Frazier, Professor of Management
Dr. Douglas J. Goodwin, Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Miren Ivankovic, Associate Professor of Economics and Finance
Dr. Valerie Johnston, Assistant Professor of Healthcare Management
Dr. Carol Karnes, Professor of Management
Mr. Bruce Lockhart, Lecturer in Marketing
Dr. Evie Maxey, Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management
Dr. Jeffrey Moore, Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Chris Neuenschwander, Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance
Mrs. Valerie Owens, Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
Dr. Greg Silver, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
Dr. Kent Saunders 
Dr. Gordon R. Smith, Associate Professor of Economics and Finance
Dr. Joseph Spencer, Professor of Marketing
Mrs. Terri P. Taylor, Assistant Professor of Accounting
Dr. Kimberly Whitehead, Assistant Professor of Management

The College of Business sponsors an Enactus (Entrepreneurial ACTion by US) team. Enactus is a global non-profit organization active on more than 1,400 university campuses in 48 countries. The AU Enactus team creates economic opportunities in the Anderson community by organizing outreach projects that focus on market economics, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, success skills, and business ethics. More information about Enactus can be found at

Exit exam. All business students must take the Major Field Exam in Business provided by Educational Testing Services as a graduation requirement. This is a comprehensive exam covering all of the major business disciplines. The exam is taken as part of the Senior Seminar ( BUS 490 ) course.

Common business core. All concentrations include the following common professional courses: ACC 201  ACC 202 , BUS 230 , CIS 120 , ECO 211 , ECO 212 , MKT 331 , MGT 341 , BUS 351  or MGT 410 , FIN 310 , CIS 352 , BUS 490 , BUS 494  and BUS 495 .

Department of Business

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Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Business Administration - Adult Studies


Department of Organizational Leadership

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Bachelor of Organizational Leadership - Adult Studies