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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, Bachelor’s + MBA

The Master of Business Administration degree offered by most schools in the U.S. is typically a two-year program, which follows four years of undergraduate study. The Plus One, Bachelor’s + MBA, allows students to apply 12 graduate credit hours of their undergraduate courses toward the MBA program. This provides students with the opportunity to save time and money. 

Students in the Bachelor’s + MBA begin in the undergraduate Business degree like any other degree-seeking undergraduate student. 

During the junior or senior year, a Business student who has earned an overall GPA of 3.7 and passed the MBA/MOL entrance test, can apply to begin taking Plus One courses. Students should contact the MBA Director to apply for the Plus One program.  Although the student is still considered an undergraduate student, Plus One courses are master level courses and include master-level requirements.

When the student completes 128 credits hours required for the undergraduate degree, he or she will graduate as any other undergraduate student.

Following the completion of the undergraduate degree, the Plus One Course credits will be applied toward the MBA degree program.  For more information contact the Dean of the College of Business or the Director of the Master of Business Administration program.

Students may select up to four of the six courses to articulate in their undergraduate degree:

  1. BUS 501   Management Thought & Application
    1. Replaces MGT 443  Leadership or Business Elective or Elective
  2. BUS 505  Human Resource Management
    1. Replaces MGT 343 Human Resource Management or Business Elective or Elective
  3. BUS 510   Quantitative Analysis
    1. Replaces BUS 230 Business Statistics or Business Elective or Elective
  4. BUS 515   Financial Management*
    1. Replaces FIN 310 Financial Management or Business Elective or Elective
  5. BUS 520  Organizational Behavior
    1. Replaces MGT 469  Service Quality or Business Elective or Elective
  6. BUS 601  Project Management
    1. Business elective

* pre-requisites BUS 510/525 waived for FastTrack students taking BUS 515