May 31, 2023  
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Health Professions

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Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Health Professions is to educate highly skilled professionals to advance, preserve and improve the health and quality of life of individuals and the community through our service to God, mankind and scholarship to our profession.

College of Health Professions Personnel

Dr. Donald Peace, Dean, College of Health Professions & Chair, School of Allied Health
Tammy Gilbert, Executive Assistant, College of Health Professions

School of Nursing

School of Nursing Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Nursing is to be Christ centered, people-focused, student oriented, quality driven, and future directed in preparing qualified persons to provide holistic therapeutic interventions with care, competence, and safety for a culturally diverse population.


Dr. Carol Kellim, Dean, School of Nursing
Katherine Davenport, Adminstrative Assistant
Cheryl Pease, Graduate Administrative Assistant


Dr. Beth Schultz, Associate Professor of Nursing, Undergraduate Chair
Dr. Elizabeth Snyder, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Graduate Chair
Dr. Debra Seegers, Associate Professor of Nursing, Program Coordinator, PMHNP
Krystal Beeks, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Cynthia Cross, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Jaclyn Gaulden, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Karen Hardin, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Deanna Hiott, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Casey Hopkins, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Angie King, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Angelina Moon, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Andrea Raines, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Kimberly Speer, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Catherine Wilson, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Susan Allen, Instructor of Nursing
Crystal Hooper, Instructor of Nursing
Whitney Williams, Instructor of Nursing
Stephanie Brock, Clinical Instructor of Nursing
Sanquinette Brownlee, Clinical Instructor of Nursing
Marilyn Kretzmer, Clinical Instructor of Nursing
Donna McIntire, Clinical Instructor of Nursing

Vision Statement

The vision of the School of Nursing is to be a leading university where learners combine the foundational knowledge of science and the historical art of nursing, while examining and synthesizing current evidence shaping professional practice in a distinctively Christian community dedicated to Christ’s call to service.


    Master of Science in NursingDoctor of Nursing PracticePost Master’s Certificate